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  • I live in one country now but want to work in another country where you are based - can I register for work there?

    We can only register you for work in the country where you are a citizen or you have a valid work permit. We are unable to obtain work permits for foreign nationals.


  • I am not qualified yet – I have not completed my training - can I register for work with you now?

    To work with us as a locum doctor, agency nurse or AHP Allied Healthcare Professional, you must have a current, valid qualification for the country in which you want to work. If not, there may be opportunities to work as a care giver/ giver, with appropriate training.


  • Who owns A24 Group?

    A24 Group is a group of private companies, with no outside shareholders or investors, owned and operated by its founders. It is a family business, founded in 1996, with professional appointees to the Board and senior management positions, with considerable expertise and experience.


  • Is A24 Group affiliated to any other agencies?

    We operate under the brands Ambition 24hours and A24, and for NS Health Staffing, The Nursing Services and The Locum Services. Ambition 24hours is predominately a supplier in the high-end 'spot' market of temporary staffing and works to achieve the highest rates possible for healthcare professionals. The Nursing/ Locum Services generally provides longer term assignments.


  • Can I make myself available to two of your agencies in one country, therefore maximizing my work opportunities?

    Yes, by registering with A24 Group once in any country you will immediately become compliant to work for one or more divisions in that country, subject to your qualifications and registration with us.


  • Who do I speak to if I am unhappy about anything?

    Please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we will ensure that the correct person addresses any concern you may have.