A24 Connect

A24 Connect

A24 Connect gives candidates more control of their work with A24 Group.
It is a unique service offered by many national divisions of the A24 Group, that we are in the process of extending to all divisions – please visit national web sites for details

Once you are registered, at any time you can log into A24 Connect, with a unique password, and let us know your availability for work; or check any outstanding matters relating to your work status with us; make any relevant purchases or ask a question - or just tell us what's on your mind!

A24 Connect enables candidates to log into a special area on-line and view relevant shift requirements, compliance needs, update your records, and also leave comments and feedback about assignments and our services.

A24 Connect also helps us to find out more about you: the sort of work that you want; where you want to work; your availability, qualifications and experience. We can then ensure that you satisfy the regulatory requirements that we are obliged to meet when we place staff with healthcare service providers. Features of Connect include diary 'reminders' that you can set to remind you to update your availability each week.

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